Logo panels/decals

Envision this: A large flat square or rectangular “plate” without vex holes. A narrow, single row of Vex holes around the outside for easy mounting.

I’m thinking that this would go over great for applying graphics to the Vex, such as a team name or just something cool to say “hey, this one’s mine.”

The plates would also need to come in two basic kinds: flat plates, and plates with the rows of vex holes at a 90 degree angle so that they could stand up like a flag.

I also think that Vex should come up with some sort of “decal” section where you can order decals that you could stick on and then reuse, both without damaging or creating a sticky residue on the vex.

Along the same lines, perhaps a software program that would allow the user to print off their own decals (custom always rocks) on the special paper. Yes, I do realize that there is sticker paper out there, but it never fails that it will either shred and not come all the way off, or leave a nasty film on the metal that makes it sticky.

It would also be sweet to have decals that specifically fit with certain vex metal pieces, such as the chaisis rails. Make it so that the holes line up so that you can have sweet graphics while still being able to make use of the holes in the metal. Kind of like a cellphone faceplate, for an illustration.

Also, please tell me, which would be the coolest non-custom graphic? (i’ve not quite figured out how to convert this into a poll yet)

  1. flames
  2. stars
  3. stripes
  4. Vex logo
  5. other (specify)

A picture of me. :wink:

Do you realize that vex engineers have much more important things to do with their time then work on things to make your bot look pretty, maybe you should try some good old-fashion glitter. I think you would like that.

KW - There are good ways, and not-so-good ways, to express one’s opinions. Your message strikes me as one of the not-so-good ways. Let’s try to be more constructive in the future - OK?

Y’know, I don’t see any reason to flame when this topic isn’t directly aimed at vex engineers, but is just throwing ideas out there and leaving room for feedback…
I really wouldn’t mind some more customization capabilities. I like to feel like my 'bot is mine own in an artistic sense

Oh yes, sign me up for a lifesize Blake Head to attach to the robot!

I’m also up for the rules next year to allow some plastic sheets that we can form into curves and other shapes. We could create a smooth tube to go around the robot. Sponsor logos and decals can go on it. And it’s the perfect way to mount our Blake!