Logo Suggestions

The title say’s it all, we have a designer from a sponsor that is willing to design us a logo…

So, what do you guys think? What could be cool on our logo

The only rules are:
Must include either: 4088A or ?SYNTAX ERROR
Must be appropriate

Things about us (may help with idea):
We like tools
Majority of us wear glasses


Put the text “cool logo” on the logo

So you know when people where glasses, they sometimes reflect what there seeing on a screen. How about someone with glasses looking at a computer (we see really only his glasses, and the reflection on his glasses say ?SYNTAK ERROR?
(smaller text) 4088A

I have never thought of that, that could be cool :slight_smile:

I saw Syntax Error and had to double take on what your team number was, for a second I thought it was team 1200.

Since 1200 is in Wisconsin, a separate state from where 4088A is operating, so I think we will be OK.

must include dank memes


I suggest watching this amazing ted talk on design

I love what 169 has done with a simple choice of a signature font. Something you see both as an addition to their logos, but also on their plates.

Key thing is something that looks good at about 1.5" x 2". If you can recognize it on the robot you are doing good from a design standpoint.

BTW, I like the new //MURF logo, but it needs to drop the “google it” to make it about perfect. Nice thing it looks great in the colors, but it’s still good in just B&W.

Haha. Sounds Good. Thanks for the input :slight_smile: I will change that in a second.