LOL ->Anybody else have this?

Has anyone ever deleted this many files at a time!?

It’s deleting every single update for Dev-CPP, too much space on my cramped hard drive and i rarely use it

I have been pretty close before on my last laptop when I went through and deleted the thousands of programs and website access files…

wow thats a lot of files…how much can ur hard drive hold?

100GB, those were all about 4GB in total

el oh el…

wow. i really dont think i have ever deleted more than about 50 at a time. i see you are running vista.

my max is 2546 :frowning:

I’ve deleted files with that required more physical space (around 30GB of movies, offloading to a secondary drive), but never that high of an actual number of files. Mildly impressive, if I do say so myself :wink:

I’ve tried to delete about 500 at once after installing all the fonts from my computer almost crashed because I was running a lot of other stuff at the same time, but i did it. I also found an addon for Firefox called DownThemAll that relly sped up the download process. it finds all of the downloadable files on the page and lets you select which ones you want by checking them or setting filetype filters. took me a total of 2 hours to do it all.