Long delay / pause between commands

Our club has two Vex IQ Kits. One brain does long pauses / delays between commands. Both brains are running 1.13. In the attached video, the firmware is shown. And you can see that they have the same program loaded. The first robot (the one with the label Groppe) has no delay between turning and then moving. The second robot has very little delay after executing the first move and right turn. The delays start at the beginning of the first left turn, and then occurs at the next left turn and the final right turn. We are competing in an autonomous tournament where our run is limited to 3 minutes. We desperately need to eliminate these delays. Any suggestions or recommendations for additional tests would be appreciated.

Hi jgroppe,

To help us provide assistance, can you post either your full autonomous program here or alternately the simplest program that causes these delays?

Edit: Alternately, if you would prefer that your autonomous program remains private, please feel free to contact ROBOTC Support (if you are using ROBOTC) or Modkit Support (if you are using Modkit for VEX). These technical support contacts are:

ROBOTC Support:
Email: support@robotc.net

Modkit for VEX Support:
Email: vex@modkit.com


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