Long shot - Seeking to borrow a V5 kit (Alabama)

Hi, everyone! I hope this post is allowed. I’ve been lurking here a while but only recently signed up. I am the new engineering teacher at a high school in Birmingham, Alabama and have been tasked with reviving a dormant engineering program and robotics team after several years of inactivity. I had coached VRC teams at a previous school, but my last season there was Turning Point (2018-2019), and the rules have changed since then.

When I got here, we had tons of equipment available-- a huge amount of it still sealed in the boxes when it was bought new several years ago before the engineering program went dormant. The problem: none of the brains or motors are competition legal. Yes, I have 24 CORTEXes, along with joysticks and a huge bin of 393 motors, and my kids can’t use any of it for competitions (though we still use it for class).

So we scraped together the money to by a V5 bundle and ordered it at the beginning of this school year. They were only supposed to be backordered through Q3 2022. But here we are in late September, and we still don’t have it. If I had been able to order sooner, I absolutely would, but I was a new hire, so I couldn’t do anything at all until August–Though at this point I don’t even know if ordering earlier would have made a difference. I have reached out to a few local schools who are looking to see if they have anything to spare, but haven’t had much luck. At this point, we will not have a season if we can’t find a brain, joystick, and a few motors to borrow until ours arrives, and my kids are going to be really disappointed.

So, I am really embarrassed to have to ask this, but I am kind of asking here as a last resort if any teams in or near Alabama have any spare V5 electronics that they’d be willing to let us borrow. I can assure you that we would take excellent care of any equipment lent to us and would return it immediately upon the arrival of our own. Again, sorry for posting this here-- I know it’s a bit awkward. I just want my students to have a chance. Thanks for understanding.


You might also want to enquire within the VEX World Coaches Association on Facebook.

But whatever you do, don’t say “I hope this post is allowed” because that means you haven’t even read the rules for the forum (or the facebook group if you join) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I’m actually not sure why I typed that— I didn’t see anything in the rules indicating that it wasn’t allowed. New member tentativeness, I suppose! :sweat_smile: