Long term Challenge

If you are interrested I have a long term challenge.

Build a biped robot (two legs) it has to be made from all vex parts and walk on its own. You have 4 months from tomorrows post

Minumum leg height?

Because I’d bet you’d get somebody that pushes the rules…

yeah somebody like me who looks for loopholes for every single thing.

Somebody’s already made a Vex robot walk.
I don’t remeber who…
It was on the old vexrobotics.com site

Was it a biped?:slight_smile:

Yes it was
But instead of lifting its legs, the robot feet dragged behind it

Each leg section should be atleast 3 holes long or 1 1/2 inches long or total 6" total length,for straight leg and be able to take 8 steps not “drag its feet”

Why does it have to long term? Will this take a l o n g
t i m e . . . ???
But it sounds great:D

the balance part makes the biped robot difficult to build

I think this would be a great idea. I am already having ideas…:smiley: . I would also like to see the flying vex robot and the easiest way to do that is to take your vex on a long trip. ([FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]in an airplane[/FONT]) LOL

These are the legs for my biped. http://picasaweb.google.com/garygefoll/Legs/photo#5038267844213982658
I will need to order more servos for it to work. I am hopeing that by stagering the servos it will help with the balance issue. My other goal for myself is no gears.

You will probably want to use gears to it least slow everything down and get more power. Servos aren’t that powerful.

Using gears is essential for slowing down the motors and providing more torque.

I am hoping by making it small it will not need that much torque. thank you for the input.:slight_smile: