Long v. short flaps

What is the difference between long and short intake flaps? Is there one that’s better? I’ve seen both used (not on the same bot) but don’t know if one works better or not.


I prefer medium or small flaps because the long flaps create torque problems somehow.


long flaps don’t have enough compression. small flaps and medium flaps are best, I have a mix. you have to make sure your intakes are closer together though.


I prefer the small flaps, because your not just slapping the cube up the tray your actually pushing them up. The rubber is more stiff when its closer to the insert chain.


the fastest intakes seem to use very few flaps and very large sprockets.
I’ve actually seen flapless intakes work well, using just the friction treads.


you just have to have a bunch of compression


We use mediums. I found that cubes get caught on the large ones while stacking if you use large ones


We use the shortest flaps, because they are rigid and help the compression when pushing up cubes. I tried both large and medium flaps, but neither worked as well as the small ones.


We have a flapless intake and it works really well!

we use long flaps because our intakes aren’t compressed enough, so we make it up with length to grip the cubes.

We use short flaps because our motors stop spinning when the long flaps get caught on cubes


Originally we used all big flaps and small sprockets, but this created problems because it was slow and the motors would begin to burn out after a couple stacks. Fixed this with bigger sprockets, and tank tread and small if any flaps.

We use sort of like a stair thing, small then medium then large. The intakes will help direct the cube and the large are good for descoreing

to me its stiffness. long flaps move easier than the medium or short ones. but you can put a smaller flap behind a larger one to give more support to the larger flap, for example you put the smallest flap behind a medium sized flap so it doesn’t bend back to much

Exactly, which then puts stress on the motors to push to the cubes up with just the flaps (it sucks), especially if you have a good lock. v5 motors are really good, but not that good.

Most teams use a mix of long and short flaps, however for my robot we use only long flaps, to keep the tray in position.