Longer drive rods

i always have trouble getting the big knobby wheels cause the rod is too short
i know the first thing people are going to say

but i dont have a metal cutter and a mould is more perfect than cutting which can leave uneven edges causing later more major problems
so the question is

I vote for 4 and 5 inch drive shafts. The 3 in. drive shafts are always just a little too short :mad:

If you space everything correctly, the driving rod is exactly big enough for the big wheel.

even with the lock bar?


it fits perfectly

I cut some of my 12" rods down to about 4", because I wanted to have lots of axel room with a 3" space between the supporting frame.

You dont need metal cutters to cut the 1ft or 3ft drive shafts. Go to Home depot or some other hardware store and buy $15 wire cutters and a $10 metal file and your set after you buy 3ft of axle for about $3. Whatever people say about the axles being to thick, i have never had trouble with it maybe its my supplier.

They may not work with knobby wheels, but they MUST work with these:


By the way, they are FTC legal

the 3 inch shafts don’t work unless you are REALLY conservative with spacers and you space it perfectly with a threaded collar inside, and push the axle on the inside of the bot so you can barely see it. You should have barely enough collar space at the other end of the wheel, but you’ll have to use a bit of luck.

VEX should get longer shafts. I think that the 2 inch shafts are pretty much useless.

These are my custom 4" shafts… I used the 3" “partially threaded beams” between the rails.

The 2" shafts can be used for the Idler Gears and such…