Longer Flat Bearings


When building our robots, specifically the lift towers, we find that we have to cut flat bearings to fit them into unique spacing. Could there be flat bearings that are 6-12 holes long? This would allow teams to:

  • cut the flat bearings to two holes if needed and still have a usable section
  • use the flat bearing in a spacing situation where 4 or 5 bearing space is needed
    VEX flat bearing idea.png


As much as this is much needed in the VEX community… the only people who have access to this reality is VEXU teams as they can 3d print these custom bearings, or the company it self that could produce them and sell… if not, the only way this is possible, is by using plastic inserts and drilling a hole in the metal to fit the plastic insert snug and repeating for how many holes u need bearings for…




This is a good product suggestion. I would enter it into the online challenge. (There is an online challenge for this, right?)


Yes, there was at least last year.


VEX used to sell nutbars which could be drilled out and be used for the same purpose, but they have been discontinued.


While this would be great, I would prefer bearing flats that can fit on the inside of c channels and line up properly.


That, too. We just use a rotary tool to sand the edge down, though.


This is a great idea. Submit it for your online challenge after you delete this thread. :slight_smile:


Why delete it?


I think @sankeydd meant so that nobody else could do the same thing for their challenge. But SenorPastrana should really keep the thread up, as it’s proof that he came up with the idea, and is a good thread to see.


Plus, if he keeps it up, he will definitely be credited as the original creator of this idea.


Hence the :slight_smile: