Longer pneumatics tubing

For robots with long lifts, such as ones build for vex skyrise, or wallbots, 5’ lengths of tubing is a limitation. If vex sold longer lengths, teams could build tall lifts or long wallbots without having to rig fittings around to join pieces of tubing. This would also give the advantage of allowing vex to sell tubing at a better value in long coils.

I asked earlier today if it would be allowed to use longer tubing than VEX sells, and Karthik said it wouldn’t be allowed, but he would pass it on to the VEX product team.


If not, you can always put something like the solenoid half way between the two items.

You can also use a valve as a coupler to connect two pieces together

There is also another reason for longer tubing, having to do with the skyrise rules:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Just use a “T” fitting and plug one end. You can either use a short piece of tubing and kink it, or simply use a reservoir plug.

Unless I am not understanding the rules correctly, as long as a third party part, such as pneumatic airline, is EXACTLY the same, you should be fine.

The airline is simply Black, 5/32" OD, Polyurethane tubing. Where I live, many places sell it, so we bought 20 meters of the stuff.

If my lengths are longer than 5 feet, do I risk a disqualification because it is longer, but materially and dimensionally the same as the Vex part?

Not allowed with the new manual update:mad:

The vex parts are 5 ft in length, so if it is longer, it would not be an exact part, so you would risk a DQ

Oh well. I guess we will have to figure out some creative way to work within this constraint.

You should just be able to use a “T-junction” and block off the extra hole.