Longest Forum Thread

In the 8059 reveal thread, @meng noted that the NbN reveal thread was much longer than the current one.

What’s the longest thread this forum has seen?

For reference, the 8059 Ri1D was 453 replies long.

8059A ri1d during the nbn season also chalked up 95548 views.

I always thought that 1103 thread (during the Round Up season) had more views. But I could be wrong.

But i think we will need to specify are we looking at robot reveal/showcase thread or any general thread as well?

I think any thread. Is there a way to search for a thread based on the amount of views?

Any thread.

Murdomeek’s 1107B super stacker teaser in Gateway held the record for a while, but I think 8059 nbn broke it.

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Given enough time, think this might break 8059 nbn record…


At the moment it has 91000 views, and 377 replies.

Maybe the moderator or administrator can do a sorting and see which thread has the most replies and also the most views.

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I just ran a quick search and the 1107B teaser actually has 562 replies. It only has 69904 views though.
Link: https://vexforum.com/t/team-1107b-teaser/20547/1

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Wow… impressive.

Maybe we will need to have 2 categories - Most number of replies, and highest viewership.

Did you manage to find 1103 thread? I remember the number of views was 6-digits… but I could be wrong. And I couldn’t find the thread now…

PS… for those new to Vex - Welcome to a bit of history of Vex… 1103 is a legend. Check out his Round-up programming skills videos…

I found a possible record for the most views with 114,567:


The 1103 robot thread has 80,450 views:


Guess we have the winners.
Unless someone can surface out more threads :slight_smile:

largest number of views is probably this one.

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and this is replies.


Those have both already been mentioned.

serves me right for not hitting refresh.
all you need to do is type

#order by replies

(or views) in the search box.

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How many replies does that most replied private conversation have?

My record is 139, but I’m sure someone can beat that.

For sure.
I had a private conversation discussing NBN ideas between the nine forum users from my school that got up to 595 replies before it died a few months ago.

i have a private thred with my teammate which has reach around 1500 replies, before we had some issuses and made a new one on our curret one we have around 800 replies

glad to see that our old 1107b thread still holds the record :wink:
That was a great year