Looking for 12T HS Insert


I am in the Chicagoland area. I am looking for one V5 12T Gear HS Insert. My students last year lost my spares, and I am short by one for my Robotics class. I have them on order with Vex, but I don’t have hopes that will come before the trimester is over. Does anyone have an extra that I can purchase and pay for to be shipped?


Melissa Rosen

insert bad words here

I have a stack of these, but you can’t DM me to ask for me to send you some of them, which I would do for free.

Call \ Phone: +1-903-453-0802

Speak to the sales people, be nice, they are overly stressed. Ask them to ask @Bob_Mimlitch_III to go dig one out of the builder drawers and send some to you. Since I used the @Bob_Mimlitch_III phrase, he knows you will call and will be ready for this.

Otherwise you will need to use your Google skills to find me and contact me directly and I’ll send you some.


Melissa, I am so sorry that you are stuck in this endless vex “ships in 8 weeks” and “out of stock” nightmare.

If you have some old high strengths gear inserts laying around, you can gently file their corners to fit into the new 12T HS gears. Works like a charm.

Also, if @Bob_Mimlitch_III, or @VEX_Robotics, or @VEX_GDC, or @Jon_Jack, or @Grant_Cox or anyone else from the little @DRow helpers team are going to look for them, then this should come handy:

Foster, we love your straight talking skills!


Thank you so much. I will call.

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Sigh, one of the reasons DM should be reinstated on this forum, alongside when users are trying to sell parts (remember, no emails in your posts-I guess we cannot have our cake and eat it too in this new era of forums)…

Carry on, calling VEX is a good idea. Might also be a good idea to reach out to any other coaches/mentors in your area to see if they have any they’s be willing to sell/give to you.


If you buy any V2 gear or new wheel it should come with some- not the best option but its worth a shot.