Looking for 2.75" Single Axis Omnis

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to purchase a few 2.75" Single Axis Omnis to use this competition season. Is anyone in possession of these/have a way of purchasing these from a 3rd party retailer? I’m willing to negotiate on price. I linked an image of the wheels below.Odom%20Wheels

Derek Xu 5327Z

People have tried (like me). People have failed (like me). Read through these threads for a basic summary of how people are dealing with it.

I should have a few available to sell you. I will need to check tomorrow in our robotics lab.


I guess I stand corrected XD

Wow ok. Those seem rare.

I am also looking to buy these. Will pay high prices.

I am also willing to pay, depending on how many you have. Please dm if you can

Bruh just bid for em. Prices starting at 30 for a full set of three. (I assume that ur using these for tracking or some sort of Odom. If u wanna use these on a chassis. Please reconsider ur design)

i have 6 maybe 8, 4 in perfect condition but 2 are in use and 2 with the axles things borred out so its free spinning and 2 there are some where in our boxes prob broken tho.

depends what u are offering

Unfortunately I only found 3 of those wheels. It seems like a few people are interested so DM me how much you are willing to pay for them.

Yes, someone could sell them. No, they shouldn’t. They had issues and that’s why they were discontinued. If you actually want to use thin omnis, you could take the newer ones and hacksaw them in half (yes it works) or get the 3.25 inch ones that are slightly smaller.

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