Looking for 2 Gray/Black omnis for purchase

Hi everyone! I am looking to see if anyone has 2 spare 4" gray/black omni wheels (preferably unused) that they are willing to sell. I live in TX, and of course willing to pay a premium for these sacred wheels.
V5 omni

Just a quick question out of interest: why do you want these wheels in particular? Is it just for the looks?

Pretty much! So far I have dyed my sprockets black, but there isn’t much you can do in terms of changing the color of the green rollers on regular omnis.


I hope vex will start selling the new colored parts (white wheels, red gears and sprockets) once they run out of the old stuff.


I have some, how much are u willing to pay?

+1. If the price is good enough, I will undercut @Dublin120 by a dollar

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I was thinking of around the 35-40 dollar mark, which is a premium over brand new VEX omnis. I’d also pay for (cheap) shipping on top of it

I’m pretty sure vex now sells their omnis in grey, but I have only seen 2.75in omnis bought in grey.

I didn’t even know VEX was making black 2.75" wheels

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You can in fact dye the rubber rollers on the omnis. It’s the same procedure as plastic.

Really? I’ll have to try that!

Well, I tried to dye a spare wheel’s rollers using the same procedure as I used for dyeing my sprockets. Are you sure it’s supposed to be the same method?

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Yeah, we used the same method with heating up water and acetone and then using fabric dye.

Ah, I did not use acetone. I’ll try again with that tonight to see if that works.

too much acetone and it will destroy the rubber so id try pulling off a couple of rollers and do them individually with increasing amounts of acetone to figure out how much you need to use.

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How much acetone did you add?

Lol…shakin my head…

Please allow me to be the voice of reason: DON’T DO IT !! just buy the new stuff when available. …dont believe everything you see on the internet and the forum…

I’ve got spares, might as well try!

That seems to be what is happening. The pulley kits are now red.

Can this be done to mechanum wheels without affecting their performance?

The dying thing that is