Looking for 3D print file for sprockets

Does anybody have a 3D print file or know where to find a 3D print file for a regular 24-tooth VEX sprocket? My group needs two of them and we do not have anymore in class. We ordered some but my teacher said they will probably take a long time to deliver or might not even get delivered if VEX does not have any. My class is not going to any in-person tournaments so my teacher is allowing us to use some non-VEX parts. I have a 3D printer at home but I cannot find a file for a 24-tooth VEX sprocket (or at least one similar to that). If anyone can help me find a 3D print file for it or at least guide me in the right direction, that would be helpful. Thanks.

VEX has the 3D files for all of their products on their product page.

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To expand - that page will have STEP files for all the sprockets. To 3D print one, you’ll probably want an STL. If you open the STEP file in any CAD package (Inventor, Solidworks, Fusion, etc.) you should be able to export to the STL you need.

Note - if you’re a registered team attending remote skills-only or live remote tournaments, the same robot construction rules apply (i.e., no 3D printed parts).


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