Looking for 60 tooth ring gear 228-3616-247

I’m looking for some of the 60 tooth ring gear part 228-3616-247. The little 36 tooth one is part of the planetary gear set. This is the bigger one.


Unfortunately, that part was only available in the Orbit kit,

Thanks Art, I have one but am really loath to take it apart. The engineering in there is a thing of beauty. I use it on a regular basis to show how complex gearing can work.

Maybe in a few years when the XL Planetary gear gets a refresh some could be tossed into the bag.

Thanks for the prompt response!

Would you be able to modify your plans to work with this planetary gear set?

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Sure, iterate, adapt, change; hallmark of VEXIQ. :smile: It will be a challenge, but I think it will work, thanks for showing the part.

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