Looking for a Defensive Auton Q&A

I’m looking for a Q&A about the legality of defensive autons (running into opponents), but I can’t find one for some reason. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one before. Can anyone link it?

I need to in case we use this strategy.

You might to search for it under VexDB… it is much easier that way.

This is legal. Faced it twice in state and used it ourselves later on.

Forgot about that feature on VEX DB. Really nice.

So, https://vexforum.com/t/answered-is-it-qd-quality-defense-or-dq-disqualification/45645/1 was the closest thing I found (the last question in this multi part question). It says that tripping an opponent’s PTCs through a defensive auton is legal, which I guess is an indirect official verification of the legality of defensive autons.

I just needed an official thing I could show refs.

Keep in mind that this is pretty easy to counter by changing sides. Doesn’t mean that you can’t do so either, provided you have the code to do so. I’ll let you figure that one out :slight_smile:

I have some things in mind, so sides won’t be a problem. That is, if we decide to do this.

I just started writing programming skills today (literally just joined this team less than two days ago :p), so nothing is in concrete for auton.

If I could make a suggestion: only play defensive if you know you can’t outscore another teams autonomous consistently. If you know you can do better than the other alliance, and on top of that do it efficiently, then go for the auton win. If not, playing defense will be a better choice.

Just a suggestion, but you don’t have to follow it :slight_smile:

So what are legit and legal defensive auton strategies? Curious as to what folks are doing these days.

The only one I’ve seen is a charge auton (move forward x seconds, enough to get to where you think your opponent i going). You can’t go forward too much, or you’ll burn out your motors. I’d love to see another though :wink:

Crazy Kiwis.