Looking for a Laptop

I am looking for a laptop preferably Windows, to replace my dying Chromebook (the lid from the screen is starting to split open and the battery life is subpar).
I am thinking of buying an Acer Swift 1 with a Pentium Silver processor (similar performance to the 15W TDP i3 Processors), but if you have other ideas let me know.
Here are some preferable criteria
Decent battery life to get me through a day (I go to school and use my laptop at least 6 hours a day)
Performance good enough for web browsing
At least 64 GB of storage
I mainly use my computer for homework, watching videos occasionally, light programming, and editing 1080p AVCHD video. My parents don’t love me so my budget is under $300. here are some options at SoLaptop

I would suggest checking out Laptops | Shop Laptops, 2 in 1s, & More | Lenovo US for good quality cheap programing computers. I have one and it works great for programing, and some other stuff, and you can most likely pick up a model at a nearby Walmart

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