Looking for a team in or near Columbia KY

We have friends who home school in Columbia KY looking to get involved with a Vex team in the area. If anyone knows of any possibilities, please let me know.

In the past (idk about this year) there have only been a few independent teams in Kentucky and none that I know of in that area and I have been active since Round Up the first year of VEX in Kentucky. The only teams in that area have come from schools in Pulaski, Rockcastle, Barren and Boyle Counties.

Even still, these schools might allow homeschoolers to participate. There are also a lot of very good homeschooled teams in our area (really, most of the good teams in AZ are independent), so they can start their own team, as intimidating as that may be.

Like @Aponthis said, there are homeschool teams, and it might even be worth starting your own.

It is just one kid. Starting his own team on his own may be more than he can handle. He would be middle school so VRC or IQ would be OK.

I do know a homeschooled guy who has his own team, but he started off with his older brother, so there is that. It’s definitely better to join an established team.

According to Google, Columbia is just a hour away from EC3, so @kypyro may be able to help you.

Kypyro’s daughter does have an independent middle school team in Cecilia. But those are not the best roads for a commute.

I’d be happy to give them advice and help, but as gcfky says the routes from Columbia to Cecilia or Elizabethtown aren’t the best for a commute, particularly in the winter. Which is high VEX season here. Our working team model (form my daughter’s independent team) has them meeting very frequently, and that’s what I would generally recommend.

My suggestion is to find a a team the interested person can shadow or be mentored by. In my opinion, one person teams are a practical non-starter, though I have to say there was at least one very good one person teams in Kentucky at the High School level. He wasn’t a beginner by any stretch of the imagination, though.


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