Looking for a used field perimeter and tiles

Are there any teams out there that have a field perimeter that they would like to sell? My team is looking for a used field. If so, please let me know. By the way, we are based in Washington.

boy do I have a thread for you…



@CSpencer thank you for recommending my thread!

Lucky, I am still strying to find a used field

you have public posting privileges again, remember the advice given to you both publicly and privately.
Don’t start spaming the forums again with posts that have no substance.


Understood, can u Recemend a place for cheap vex fields

…I just can’t anymore…


I know robot mesh is cheaper bc they do not charge taxes but they only serve Calaforinia and the west coast, on the east cost, I can not find any retalers with a cheap price, I found someone in my county willing to sell one but I am scaried about one thing, Covid

Iirc, Vex gets their field tiles from softtiles, and actually doesnt even sell them at a markup, so its unlikely that you’ll find a field in good condition for any less than the vex price.


Ok, It looks like I need the teams contrabution for buying the field

I looked at their website and found that they actually don’t supply vex anymore


YES, FINALLY THEY’RE SWITCHING. Bots were having a issue with gaining static electricity and frying ports.

Thats for Vex but what about Iq, what compney sponsers Vex Iq fields

anti-static tiles have been available for quite some time now.


VIQC field tiles are not a commodity item; VEX has them custom-manufactured. Your options for buying an IQ field will be:

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I’m just glad its standard now

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