Looking for a used field perimeter

Hi - this year was our rookie year, and we built the low-cost version of the field perimeter using PVC pipes and hardboard. For next year, we are looking for the real thing. Does someone here have a used field perimeter (in good shape) for sale? Is there a forum on vexforums.com for buying/selling used VEX parts?

Yes can someone please answer this. I may be looking for one later this summer.

Find a VEX Reseller that has it and see if they are open to bargaining or coupons. I don’t think you’ll have too much luck finding a used one, unless a retiring team happens to be reading this.

You girls did a fantastic job being that this is your first season. That’s impressive. Congratulations!

Was there anything wrong with the low-cost field perimeter?

I can’t speak for other teams, but ours had… issues. Coding precise Autonomous routines was nearly impossible, and we had to go and fix anything we had changed at each competition. The hanging bar mounts didn’t work that well, and it liked to topple. The barrier was slightly too high, and some things would end up catching on competition fields until we fixed them.

It was just not a good idea. I mean, it was better than not having anything at all. But I’d almost say that you need to have the field perimeter.

Thanks! We had a steep learning ramp but we enjoyed every bit of it. The low-cost perimeter is just not stable enough and precise enough. Particularly with Skyrise where you will depend on the poles being in the right place and staying put when you run into the walls.

I will know within a week if my daughter decides to continue with VEX next year. If VEX Robotics is not in her plans, you are welcome to have our field perimeter for free. Well, more like for the cost of shipping, unless you live close by and can pick it up in person. PM me next week, if you did not find a perimeter set by then.


There you go!

Ask…and you shall receive!

Lol, now I wish we had asked. We are starting a new team in college this year and funding will be tight… I guess asking is the first step. Nice one!

I don’t know if you would be able to contact them but I think Sequoya schools in Tahlequah has one with a missing panel and some broken plexi but they may have trashed it.

Was your robot a wallbot at Worlds? with two extendable walls about 60 degrees apart? That was one impressive robot.

Yes that was us. Thanks! We have a thread on the forums somewhere about it, and we will be posting pictures soon, if you’re interested.

I saw you guys practicing/testing the robot at the side of one of the practice fields either on Thursday or Friday, not sure which day. Wanted to come and watch the robot in action, but did not get a chance.

Yes, I would be interested in seeing pictures of the robot, and also your technical documentation, if its is available electronically.

I’ll make a new thread of course :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t want to derail this one too much.

Edit: thread un-derailed. Post over there and we can talk, vex5757 :3