Looking for a virtual comp

I am in Utah in the bountiful area, and my comps just got canceled. I need help finding a virtual comp near me.

The cool thing about remote/virtual competitions is that they don’t need to be near you!

I have some spots left at a (free!) remote skills-only event on 11/21: link. All the remaining spots are marked as “reserved for West Virginia” but if those don’t fill (which I don’t expect them all to) I will admit teams from the waitlist.

Otherwise, there are a bunch of remote events available, scroll through the event list and look for anything with “remote” in the title.


I have an event on Saturday 11/14/2020 for $25 that you are welcome to come to. REC is hosting the first ever teamwork event on Tuesday 11/17/2020 (at 3:00 pm central time) free of charge.

Just FYI, future teamwork events will be a bit more expensive because VEX IQ takes $25 per team from the EP running the event as a software developing fee. For regular and virtual skills events, VEX IQ only takes $5, just for reference.


Nice my mom got coronavirus but I didn’t I’m stuck in my room. Luckily the fields in here too.

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