Looking for a worm/gear with the gear having a HEX or THREADED hub

I am looking for a way to adjust my 3d printer. The best solution I can think of is with a worm gear. However…
The item that I need to adjust has 6mx1 threads. I have not been able for find anything that has a 6mm threaded hub, so I am looking at something that will turn the NUT. It is 10mm. Your 217-3210 come close to 10mm (9.525) and with a file I can take down the hex nut to 3/8. So that leaves me with a gear, but no worm.
Do you have a worm gear that will fit something like the 217-3210?


Hi mctabish,

Unfortunately the VEXpro product line does not currently have any worm+gear sets available; we only have small plastic worm+gears available in the VEX IQ and VEX EDR product lines. In addition, the 217-3210 gear is unlikely to work well with a 20DP worm since it has a wide face width, which would cause binding and excessive point wear on the metal teeth.

Most gears are not commonly sold from gear manufacturers with a threaded hub unless they are for a highly specific application. It may be easier to to look for gears that have a smaller internal diameter (up to 5mm) that you can then drill to 5mm and use an M6x1 hand tap to add the M6x1 threads.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our VEXpro Technical Support folks at prosupport@vex.com


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