Looking for an Alliance this season?

Hello everyone. Are you looking for an alliance for this season’s competition? Well, the Nerd Herd Team 687A from the California Academy of Mathematics and Science are keeping in touch with our alliances this year. If your team lives in Southern California and compete in these following competitions we will compete in, then we want to keep in touch with your team.

*9/24/16- “California Mid State Starstruck” in Nipomo High School
*10/8/16- “Clash in the Canyon - Starstruck Qualifier” in Calabasas High School
*10/15/16- “Chaminade Showdown Vex Starstruck Tournament” in Chaminade College Preparatory High School
*10/29/16- “North San Diego VEX Regional” in Poway High School
*11/12/16- “South Bay Starstruck VEX Robotics Tournament” in El Camino College
*1/14/17- “2nd Annual Corona STEM Academy Competition” in Corona High School
*1/21/17- “California Central Coast VEX Starstruck Tournament” in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
*2/4/17- “VEX Starstruck Inland Empire Challenge” in Martin Luther King High School

Here is a video talking about our team and our robot (Nerd Herd: Team 687A "About the team and the robot" - YouTube)

If you are interested, then you can contact me by email or text. Just let me know who you are, what team your from, and what competition(s) above you’ll compete in. Email: [email protected], Phone #: (310) 703-2313. Thank you and best of luck in the competition.

-Ian Clavio, Co-Captain of Team 687A & Board of Directors of the Nerd Herd

This is interesting. I don’t live in California, so :(, but I never thought of directly asking for alliances on the forum. I just thought that I would meet some people that I knew from the forums at a competition and we may know about each others robots and it’s strengths and weaknesses. It is an interesting strategy. I wish you luck in finding some team(s).

Yeah I live in Southern California, but as of now, we aren’t really looking for an alliance.