Looking for an equivalent piece for a 12T gear 228-3446-250

Hi everyone, I’m a first time poster here!

We bought a kit to build a robotic arm + mechanical claw and we lost one piece during the building process. The part number is 228-3446-250 but no matter how much I search for it in any kits or spare parts set in the store, I can’t find that gear.

It’s a 12T gear, about 9 mm tick or so, with rounded teeth on one end (see picture)

Anyone could tell me where to find it or with what else I could replace it (the thickness is important in that build)


Looks like a hybrid gear.
The 3446 part of the number mean orange color, that’s probably not available.

so 228-3196-250 should be the same part but in blue.

details on part numbers.


This is awesome! Thanks a lot for this explanation! We’ll be able to complete the kit!

Have a nice day!