Looking For Arizona Teams

Hey everyone,
I am looking for teams in Arizona that I could potentially join and wanted some feedback on what my options are.
My name is Conner and I am a freshman in high school currently and I am from North Carolina. My team number is 5139C and I am a builder but I would like to learn how to program in the future. I was the head builder on my team and constructed almost my entire robot with some help from my programmer. Me and my family are trying to move to Arizona by June to July unless the pandemic does not let up but we are more than likely going to be moving. We are trying to move near the Glendale area.
All I really want in a team is a team that can give me a lot of time to work so I can make a good robot design and execute that design well. I would prefer to have V5 because that is what I used on my team. I would also like to have a team that can help me learn and expand my knowledge of robotics and get better at it.
If anyone could help me out and recommend some teams that would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any questions related to me, my season for Tower Takeover, or my robot then ask away and I will try my best to answer them all.

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I’m in the Chandler area of AZ. Whatever team I am on next year, it would probably need members.

Chandler is definitely the hotspot for VEX in the state. You’d have much more luck looking for teams in that area.


Area isn’t a huge concern for me, as long as you are near Phoenix it isn’t a big deal.

The area in red is where you said you would be, and the area in blue is where most of the teams and events are.

I don’t live in Arizona, but if the schools in the region you are moving to have websites or contact information, you might want to see if they have robotics programs, and how you might be able to contact them. Hope you find a team

Just saying the transit from Glendale to Chandler is like 40 minutes and for every meeting you would have to travel about 80 minutes front and back

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So glad you will be joining us just as we reach 110-130 degree weather here in Arizona! As Taran mentioned, a large portion of teams are located in the Chandler area, but there are still plenty of teams around the state.

Do you know what high school you will be going to? If you do, they may have a VEX or FRC team associated with the school.


This school has two VRC HS teams. They also support VIQ teams.
Edison School of Innovation
8340 Northern Ave
Glendale, Arizona 85305
United States


Yea, Rodney is correct here. The Edison teams are also historically good.

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Just found out that I am going to Madison Highland Prep so I will most likely end up going on there team.


good luck for this season!

I think he was just replying to Josh about using their logo.

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