Looking for CAD Files or Images for the Mogo Stickers

I’m looking for the CAD files for the stickers that go on the mobile goals, preferably in color. I’m working on an animation project and I just realized that my mobile goals are lacking this vital property. I could make do with just the image template and wrap it around the goal myself, but if someone at VEX had a CAD file for the curved sticker and was willing to share it I would be very appreciative.

I specifically mean the stickers as seen in this image


Oh! I have those. Attached are some Illustrator files. Let me know if this works!

276-7048 Sticker Artwork.zip (10.2 MB)

Hope this helps!

It’s honestly amazing that I figured out how to upload this. My brain is so small compared to my body weight.


276-7048 Sticker Artwork PNG.zip (2.9 MB)

(For the people who don’t have Illustrator)


Looking at those images is the first time I realized that the patterns are different on each color of goal. Crazy.
That should come in handy if my cones stop working. Or for VRC Tipping Point: Snyder Cut.


That’s exactly why we made the patterns different! I was tired of people who are colorblind not being able to tell the difference between game objects.

Tower Takeover and Nothing but Net ranked particularly poorly on the colorblindness test, especially red/green. So I aimed to find a way to make sure that you could play the game even if you are fully monochromatic.


Inkscape is happy to open the illustrator files.


Maybe, but I’m not happy to open Inkscape.

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yooooo let’s go thanks @Sidoti. Now time to spend the next few hours doing this to all the goals