Looking for Experience EDR Coaches in Boston Area

Hi everyone,

A non-profit STEAM education organization located in Lexington, MA is looking for experienced coaches and teachers for EDR teams. If anyone is interested or know anyone that may be interested, please contact them at contact@isteamacademy.org

Their website is www.vincirobotics.org


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I have two former team members who currently attend MIT. Would they be suitable to apply?


Don’t they have problem sets to be working on? or roof and tunnel hacking? no time for life outside the 'tute!


Hi, Cougarbots,

Yes, of cause. They are definitely suitable to apply if they are interested and have time for it. It’s also a good opportunity to make some stipends. Could you ask them? Thanks.

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What don’t you try using Indeed to do a Job search?

Edr coaches are a rather niche group. Although that doesn’t mean you shouldnt try

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What are you trying to say that they would be willing to coach for free?

What no not all jobs are found through job search (are they? I’m not sure)
Im just saying that it may be a bit hard to find an edr coach on a job finder. “Edr coach” is pretty darn specific

We have tried posted on Indeed and other platforms. There are many teachers who have great experience on LEGO, but not any has experience on EDR. It seems LEGO and FIRST are dominating our areas…

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Ouch, tough luck. Maybe you could expand your search to IQ coaches? They would still have some applicable principles, but I dont know how relevant that would be

We probably will ask the schools which have EDR teams for their teachers or alumni to see if they are still around and interested to join us…