Looking For Feedback/Suggestions (VEX IQ Project)


I am currently piloting a VEX IQ program at my school, I am the only teacher with this class and have mostly only had my own experience/resources on vex.com to reference.

I decided after seeing what my students (7th and 8th grade) are capable of and where they need guidance to create a layout for a design notebook for them. It is a bit detailed and has many prompts for them, but they have never seen anything like this before so I feel that having a lot of guidance is good as they can build on this skill throughout middle/high school.

Anyway, I’m just looking for feedback on this notebook design. It’s quite lengthy (28, 40 minute classes) but combines aspects of the robot soccer and test bed STEM Labs.

If anyone has some suggestions for improving this document I would greatly appreciate them!

Google Doc Link: Robotics Notebook - Soccer - Google Docs

Look at notebook.vex.com as a pre-made template with parts, etc.