Looking for more detailed help in looking for sponsorships

I know I’ve asked this before, and other threads exist in the search bar, but I’m looking for more help, mostly because I have a lot of anxiety around what I need to do, and would appreciate some more pointers.

(I live in the UK if that makes a difference, but any help for the US is fine as well)

I’ve written a sponsorship packet that covers what VEX is, and who my team is, and other stuff like sponsorship packages and our rough budget. (I can send a copy soon, I just need to edit out personal information)

What do I do now? The people I’ve asked just say to send it to everyone you can, but I don’t know what to do about that. How do I format the email, how do I find the relevant person to email.

I’ve seen someone talk about how businesses are only going to donate to a company with a 5013c (idk the UK equivalent) or schools, but I don’t know what it’s like in the UK, do I apply for the equivalent, when I’m only going to be doing vex for this season.

Is it better to go in person (or phone/video call) to talk to companies, and if so what would I do then.

Any other general advice, I don’t know what I’m doing and too much anxiety to try and figure it out myself, if anyone could offer some advice it would be much appreciated

It’s always better to go in person and talk to people you have networked and connected with. Students making a presentation is the best, sending out emails is probably the least effective thing you could do, unless you have already made some sort of personal contact.


How should I go about networking?

Is it helpful to email in advance and try and plan a time for me/my team to go and talk to them?

Inside the sponsorship packet we have our teams email and my personal number for contact, would that be enough, or should I take initiative on my part to try and organise an in person meeting or call.

You build your network by using your contacts to make new ones. (First, we assume you have a presentation about your team, showing why you deserve money, assurance that it will be used responsibly, and your team is a benefit to the community). Start your contacts with the employers of your team’s member’s parents. Then work on the employers of your friend’s parents.

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Our team is currently 2 people, I have a few contacts, but not that many, and I’m not sure how many contacts my teammate has.

Other than connections of people we know, do you have any advice for finding sponsorships from others

We haven’t made a presentation, but we have a sponsorship packet/document that covers most of that, except benefit to our community, because to be honest I’m not sure if there is much, we are a new independent team, but we’ve worked together as part of our old school team)

(Thank you for all your help though, greatly appreciated)

I recommend you shift your sponsorship proposals to focus almost entirely on what’s in it
for your sponsor.

Work on getting a few / several sponsors ranging from $500.00 to $1,500.
Get two $1,500 sponsors and 4 @ $500.00

A lower financial barrier to entry enables a lot more companies to be pursued. Even private individuals can contribute.

Offer them in tiers:

$500.00 - Some social media, logo / company name on apparel, 10 second advertorial.

$1,000. is a bigger better exposure package. More social media exposure. 15 second advertorials.

$1,500 gets the Platinum sponsor exposure. It’s the Bigger Logo, top billing, name is
on all our promo media and is on ALL social media. Gets 20 second advertorials.

Tell Them What’s In It for THEM: “Our sponsorship opportunity will highlight your company / products / services to our extensive robotics and social media community.”

Tell then why your audience would be good for them. Your audience NEEDS to be potentially valuable to your sponsor in some way, Companies need new customers.

What might you offer them in return for their money?
Go after video and social media to get them the biggest exposures.

a) Youtube team videos. make several and they will get two 10 to 20 second shout outs each
b) Other social media exposure. Tik Tok , Insta, Discord ? offer several / regular exposures
c) Logos on Team Shirts / Jerseys / Hats - seen on campus and at competitons.
d) Competition sites = banner / print media / freebie distributables / Shirts,

Put the WORD out
Tell everybody you know that you are looking for sponsors. So many people
with businesses are looking for ways to reach new audiences, drive new business, and do good for the local robotics team at the same time. It would be great to get RocketDyne / Boeing, but a friend’s parent who is a dentist / or lawyer / engineer / company owner might be easier to approach and easier to convince.

Sponsorships are WORK
Be prepared to deliver on your promises. If somebody gives you money as a sponsor, take good care of them. Make absolutely sure they get everything you promised and send them links / photos / proof regularly. This is how you get them back year after year.


Thank you so much.

I already included a rough outline of depending on how much they are willing to sponsor us, they get a certain sized logo on places like a design display board, banners, uniforms and even our robot, however thats a very good idea of using social media.

To be honest, I’m not a very avid user of social media, I’ve made an Instagram, and a twitter (only really used the Instagram tbh) and I can do some basic video editing, so that’s something for me and my teammate to work on.

Only issue is that I can only do Vex for one year, I’ll age out next year (unless I pull some shenanigans since I’ll be within the age of 19 for World’s 2024, but I won’t be in high school unless I take a gap year idk) so not much point trying to get sponsors to stay for a 2nd year, unless I can convince them to support my school.

Somebody, somewhere in your school or social circle has excellent social media and video editing abilities. Or likely, a BUNCH of somebodies.
Those people are seemingly everywhere. Put the WORD out.

Recruit one more team member. They don’t necessarily have to build / program / drive. They will just bring their social media skills and know how. Find someone who might like to add the Robotics Team Media Expert line to their resume, or college application. The Vex season will come and go, but that line on the resume could be useful for quite a while.


I’ll be honest, not entirely sure on the idea of inviting more people due to some personal reasons, although I’ll look into it

Either way I’m sure I’ll figure something out for social media.

Thank you so much for your advice and help though