Looking for Nothing But Net Robots

I like how 60X got literally wrecked

Did 60X get any compensation for their destroyed robot?

Rip. 60X had to get reimbursed for their robot.

It’s a shame to see such a nice robot get destroyed… unless its by tombstone. Then its cool.

Of course. :slight_smile:

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Poor robot getting wrecked but at least it was an awesome death lol!

We were notified of the possibility that the robot could be destroyed and given the chance to back out. We thought about it hard, but the team members all agreed to do it. Why not! I mean, it’s Tombstone. YES, VEX took care of us and we appreciate everything from DRow, Paul and all of VEX. The coolest part is that we contacted Ray Billings and he sent us all kinds of cool stuff. We even built a “crypt” to house the remains. We had a busy day with all of this, but still managed to win the Greenville League and qualify for state.

I don’t think all of those parts were vex legal, and they might have gone outside the size limit … did you talk to the referee?

EDIT: My bad, I forgot they don’t accept video evidence.

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I saw this and I died. I’m in class right now, but couldn’t help myself from responding. Oh my god thank you so much for making my day. I’m laughing and people in my class are looking at my funny. Worth it