Looking for old VEX V5 competition elements

I am new to the forum. I am looking for old VEX V5 competition elements that I can use in the classroom with the hopes of starting up a new competition team. Trying to see if there is real interest for such a team in my school before investing in a new set for competition.

What region are you in? You might try asking experienced teams around in your area if they have any old elements sitting around.

I have emailed several in my local area; however, no one has ever responded.

You could try the vex world coaches forums on facebook. All the members of these groups are adult teachers/mentors/coaches.

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We might be able to help with that. What region are you in?

If you are in southern North Carolina, I have half a Spin Up field kit that I don’t want to store anymore.

I’m in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Where is the best place I can find a list of teams/coaches in my area?

You might be able to contact local competition hosts to request game elements from previous seasons. Events typically give these away after a competition because they would have little use for them afterwards. That being, if they still have them.

Robotevents.com can be filtered for location. There’s a couple Facebook groups you can join, the vexworld coaches association and the VEX IQ World coaches association where you can connect with a whole lot more teacher/mentor/coaches than are here on the Vex forum.

Thank you to all who have responded. I appreciate your help.