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Hello Everyone,
I am looking for some 2X2X15 steel angles in any condition, I prefer new or slightly new. Please reach out if you have any and want to sell them.

Thank You,

where are you located, it might help for local teams to reach out to you.

If you want them new, you can always just get the 25 or 35 and cut it down.


Our team is in need of these angles as well. We are from Cupertino, CA.
We had ordered the angles from Robotmesh 2 weeks ago. No shipments yet. Looks like they are out of stock. We are interested in buying below parts ( used and New) .

VEX Aluminum C-Channels 1x3x1x35
VEX Aluminum Angles 2x2x35
VEX Nylon Spacer Variety Pack

Do they have to be steel?

you could buy them straight from vex if you wanted, although if you’ve already placed an order with robotmesh you may as well just be patient.

Yes, I believe they are only made steel

Our team is in Florida, while robotmesh does not ship to florida.

there are alumina ones.
2x2x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack)


my bad, didn’t notice that this

wasn’t made by the op.

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