Looking for Pennsylvania Teams

I am currently visiting my aunt and uncle who live in Clarion, PA from northeast Wisconsin. I am suffering from withdrawal from not working on robots for seven days and need a fix badly. I am returning to Wisconsin on the 30th. If there are any teams that are currently working on their robot and are within a five or six hour drive from Clarion, (I marked Clarion here ) let me know if you would like to meetup and share ideas/geek out about Vex.


Wow, I’m not in Pennsylvania, but you remind me of myself. It hurts my soul to even not be doing VEX for even a day. That’s the reason I hate going on vacations. I tell my parents we can go if we can take my robot with me, otherwise no traveling. Who else is the same way?

Yup, lots of activity here in eastern PA (Philly area). About 4 hours away from you.