Looking for pictures of a low elevation ramp that is part of a ball shooter robot(not a ramp robot)

The two teams that I mentored have been successful in building a robot that performs well with ball collecting and shooting. Now the next goal is to add elevation. They have maxed out the number of motors already. One team has build a prototype for high elevation which only uses elastic to power and it is very finicky. I suggest to both of my team to look at building a low elevation ramp instead. We are looking for ideas on how to build a quick deploying, reliable and compact low elevation ramp that will fit in a robot that already has a large intake and a full court flywheel shooter. Any help is highly appreciated.

Are you using 12 motors or 10 motors and pneumatics?

Our high school team made a passive one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goJftwR-Y68
But you might want to use an anti- tip mechanism or this happens

If you look in @recfoundation IG there is a photo of the low lift concept you are looking for.

the link does not work

Sorry, it wasn’t a link. Credits to the team who made it

This might be a good way of deploying it, if you have a mechanism that only needs to spin one way.

I dedicated a motor to the release of my low-elevate ramp that looks just like the one above, just because I had an extra and I was lazy. I could easily have ratcheted a part of my intake to release the ramp, but pushing it out with a c-channel driven by a motor took less time and effort to build.

We are planning to run the flywheel motor backwards using ratchet to trigger the release

This is very similar to what we have in mind.
Thanks for showing the picture.

Our robot has a fairly simple and effective mechanism for low lifting. It only uses two pistons to deploy and has deployed successfully 100% of the time. You can check it out in this video from a competition we had earlier this season.

Let me know if you have any questions.