Looking for projects/robot builds for competition super kit for classroom instruction

My school bought v5 Competition Super Kits for our school Robotics class. While these work great for the few students working on competition game, it creates a challenge for me as a teacher with the new students. For students new to robotics I was going to use the online STEM labs/projects - but they are designed for the classroom kits. The classroom kits have different part types (not just materials) than the competition kits.

So I am looking for any robot designs/projects that can be accomplished with the competition kits that I could use to teach my new to robotics students the basics of building, programming, controlling a robot.

Any ideas, thoughts, help greatly appreciated.


Which of the sensors are present in the kit? If you have two light sensors you can make a Braitenberg vehicle. If it has two or three potentiometers, you can make a drawing arm translator (i am sure there is a better term, but one arm with potentiometers which the user draws with, and a second arm with servos which replicates the angles with a different sized or positioned arm to replicate a similar drawing).

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I think what you just described is a pantograph which can be done completely mechanically. I think that would be a fun project to teach about linkages, the magic of parallelograms.
<imgsrc=“https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/83/Pantograph_in_action.svg/1200px-Pantograph_in_action.svg.png” alt=“Image result for linkage for increasing drawing size”/>

Last year I used vex parts and an Arduino to make a color tracking turret using a pixy camera, which is what the v5 vision sensor is. I thought it was a pretty fun project and I think it would be easy to get students excited about it. I can send CAD models of my design which both tilts and pans upon locking onto a color. instead of shooting bouncy balls your students can make it wave or something less aggressive.

With that kit you have tons of options.