Looking for Segmented Angles

The 275-1131 segmented angle has been dropped from the line, but I find them very useful. These are the ones with a row of 3/8" slots on each leg. If any team or supplier has any surplus or old stock that they would like to sell or trade please contact me at railrhodes@gmail,com. I am interested in up to 50 pc.
Used is ok, if not bent beyond straightening.

Sorry wrong email. That should be railrhodes3080@gmail.com

A rather expensive option would be purchasing Booster Kits ($179.99 for 2x Segmented Angle 1x1x25).

However, Active Robots appear to have some Segmented Angle 1x1x35 in stock, so perhaps you could try ordering from them.

Just to follow up on this quickly if someone is interested in what we did. There are still some packs in stock in the Canadian location, so what I did was order these packs for him at cost and shipped them (from the USA). So, in case anyone else is looking for Segmented Angle, you can order in Canada, and feel free to send me a PM if you need any help for shipping.