Looking For Some Goals To buy

My team is looking to buy only a few Goals from this season. We don’t want to spend the 500Dollars To get the full Game element set. We were wondering if any teams were in a similar situation and would be willing to split the cost and the split the elements. Or if any teams already bought their field elements and want to sell some to make some money back

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It’s rather odd that vex sells individual rings (technically a 2 pack) but they don’t sell individual mobile goals… Oh wait, money.

Anyways there is an option to purchase the mobile goals and rings without the platforms which is only $200.


Why can’t we buy one single mobile goal?

because of the way it is


Problem the ratio of manufacturing cost to profit gained by selling individual goals. Probably doesn’t make much sense.

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The assumption is that there is profit to be made, which is likely none. Given the low volume of products made for each game, just a few thousand sets, it’s questionable that VEX is even breaking even on tooling costs. Remember, for VEX, the competition is fun but unprofitable, their profits come from the educational sales (and of course RECF is a not-for-profit, they don’t exist without their major sponsors pumping in pleanty of of $$$).


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