Looking for some solidworks files (High Strength Bearing)

I’m currently working on my robot model in SolidWorks I cannot find a ‘High Strength Bearing Flat’ model in the SolidWorks format (.SLDASM). If anyone has one or can locate one I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’m also looking for high strength collar files. My library only has high strength axles.

Go to vexrobotics.com and download the step file. Open the step file in Solidworks and it will convert it to a solid part. Save the part with a new name in your library.


Thanks for the help. Never knew I could do this.


Yep, this is how we in the vex community made the Solidworks libraries to begin with. Now that you know how to work with a single part, you can also create new parts or modify existing parts, saving them as “new parts.”

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