Looking for something to start building

Trying to find something to build. Bought a classroom super kit but cannot build any of the downloadable models on the website since the set does not have all the parts. Cannot even build one single model… Super frustrating. Looked through all the downloads. Absolutely nothing.

It cost me a small fortune and all we got thus far was frustration with short supply of parts.

First, it should have a manual of some sort that you can follow to build something, and it looks like it contains all the parts for a V5 Clawbot. The instructions download link is here
Also, if you are aiming for the competition, then I recommend buying a Competition Super kit. That should get you somewhere with this year’s challenge because this year’s robots seem to be smaller in size than last year’s.


As mentioned above, the Classroom Super Kit contains all the needed parts to build a V5 Clawbot.

It unfortunately does not have all the parts needed to build any of the “Hero-bots” on the V5 Build Instructions page. Those are all built using the Competition Super Kit.

The Classroom Super Kit is intended to go hand-in-hand with our STEM Labs, and be used in an educational setting. It’s not really meant to build intricate robots.

(Not to say that you can’t build anything with this kit, but it may require you to get creative, or buy a few additional parts.)


None of the question I asked the STEM lab said this. We requested a kit that will enable us to build multiple robots and that is what they recommended. The kit did not even contain a claw to build the clawbot. We had to go back to the STEM lab three times for missing parts for the clawbot specifically and still we have several missing parts for the clawbot. So no cannot build a single thing.


Are you talking about the STEM lab @DRow posted? Or a stem lab belonging to your facility?

Yup. They are much better with their IQ line than the V5 line with providing useable instructions. I was also surprised that this kit didn’t come with a claw.

Welcome to robotics. That’s the nature of it. I will say that the value of VEX compared to other systems is great.


The Classroom Super Kit includes all the parts for the Clawbot.

The Classroom Starter Kit is effectively a V5 Clawbot and Control System - a great way to experience the basics of V5 and build a robot that you can control and program, adding part later when you are ready.

The Classroom Super also contains the Clawbot and lots of additional parts intended for exploring STEM concepts in the classroom. The structural parts are steel and you get lots of mechanical parts that are made for classroom projects rather than competition.

The Competition kits have aluminium parts are are aimed more at what a competition team would need. The Competition Starter Kit can be used to build the example Crunch robot (you deffo could do it with a Competition Super too as they have a lot more parts, but you might need to tweak a part or two as some may differ slightly), but generally these kits (especially the Competition Super Kit) are aimed at getting you into the world of VRC where you would design your own robot.


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