Looking for teams that were at the Create US Open

Aloha everyone,

We are looking for contact information for teams 400R, 6135, and 4004. We borrowed parts from you at the Open and in our exhaustion and chaos regretfully did not returned what you loaned to us. We apologize and would like to get all of your mailing addresses so that we can send back what we borrowed and also a little gift from Hawaii as a thank you for saving us from not being able to compete. Please let us know!

6135 had 4 teams there and two large toolboxes and several smaller ones full of parts, so I’m not sure which team helped. We had a strict “No adults in the Pits” policy in force, so we’d go by occassionally to talk to them and hear how they were feeling. Other than that, we watched them play. I’m glad to hear they helped you, though. And I hope you enjoyed your experience.

Mailing address is:

Early College and Career Center, Hardin County Schools
200 University Drive, Jim Owen Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Phone: (270) 769-7930

Thank you and yes, we had a great time!

Please 400R and 4004, if you are out there, we owe you one!

@4004Y Warriors

@400X Pass this along to your sister team?

We are 4004Y, if you need middle school, but we have the same mailing address. :slight_smile:

Our mailing address is

Warrior Robotics
c/o Grabeal
P.O Box 953
Apache, OK 73006

email: [email protected]

Consider the materials from 400R a donation. Thanks for reaching out though. Come by our pits at worlds and say hi.

Thank you so much!

Thank you! But we would still like to send you a gift! Please email us at [email protected] or DM us here with your mailing address.

Usually the 400 teams are very rare on the forums. But luckily I do compete in the same region as them, as well as compete at their school a couple of times a year. The 400’s school mailing address is:
Ball High School
Galveston, Texas 77550
United States

EDIT//: But, if you want you can be able to send it to our school, and we will send the unopened box to their awesome mentor, Mr. Massy:
Westbury Christian School
10420 Hillcroft St,
Houston, TX 77096

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

There coach responded earlier.

I appreciate you being so honest as to send our items back. Most teams wouldn’t even try to contact people they borrowed items from, esp through the forum, and to even send a gift. You guys are absolutely amazing, but i have to ask, which letter of 4004 did you borrow from? My teammates said they didn’t remember anyone borrowing anything. We have our A team (which had the big 4004 on their bot) Our C team (big guy, bushy hair) Our X team (smaller version of C team) and me, who was in the middle school division

Oh lol, my bad. I skimmed through and I didn’t see him, but now I do. Thanks :smiley:

They actually got in contact with us, but thank you anyways!

We’re just thankful that people loaned to us because we would not have passed inspection otherwise (we lost a few things during the shipping process unfortunately). As we came very far, this would have been devastating for us.
Not sure which letter let us borrow either but we’re gonna send something that all of you can enjoy!

Man, you guys are amazing. I can’t say thank you enough!