Looking for used competition items


I just purchased the Vex IQ kit for my 11yo son, and we’re super excited to tryout new activities with it. If he retains interest, I would like him to try out competitions, etc in the future. For now, my idea is to have him experiment with the competition pieces from prior years, just to try out new things and learn how everything works (coding, sensors, motors, etc).

We are starting from scratch and don’t have anything yet (besides the basic kit). Would anyone be willing to sell their previously used competition pieces. I would be interested in games pieces (discs, cubes, field elements) as well as the actual playing field itself. Mix and match random things would be fine too.

Please DM directly please.



Unfortunately DMs aren’t allowed on this forum anymore, so we’ll have to post here.

Anyway, VEX resells surplus stock from some previous games here (for quite a good deal), and I would suggest checking that out. It’s probably not everything you want, but it’s a start.

Perhaps you can reach out to other organizations or event partners in your area. We usually have a surplus of game elements.

My next suggestion would be to seek out the unofficial Vex Groups on Facebook which tend to focus on the adult areas related to competitive robotics.

  • Vex Worlds Coaches Association
  • VEX IQ World wide Coaches Association
  • Vex IQ/GO/123/V5/EXP/EDR Robotics