Looking for Vex Book title

My son and I are finishing a book of 16 Vex building projects (about 100 pages, with step-by-step instructions) and now, all that is lacking is a title. The projects are formatted similar to the ones in a previous work (Robot Recipes: A Cookbook Approach to Building with Vex ), which had 4 projects. Unfortunately, we used up a good title on the old work and don’t want the new project which is far more comprehensive and organized, to be thought of as “just an upgrade”. Any suggestions on a new and improved title? We’ll acknowledge you if we use it:)

Also, we plan to post it for free. We’re still deciding where.

Vexstructions, A guide to the wonderful world of robotics using the Vex Robotics kit.

Vexducation - Book 1
(A Progressive Education on Vex Robotics Systems)

Vex Steps
Learning Vex one step at a time

make the robots advance in difficulty to make it more like “step-ups”

Here’s the book in its final form (for now).


Thanks for your suggestions; we somehow got fixated on the phrase “deus ex machina” which evolved to “Vex Machina” which evolved to “Vex Machinations”. Somehow I have the feeling that the poetic reference got lost.

Enjoy! Share with your n00bie friends.