Looking For VEX IQ Brain Or Controller 1st Gen

I am trying to put together a complete kit for fifth graders. I believe I have most of a super kit, but I am missing the controller and brain (1st gen). Does anyone know where I can find these besides hoping for ebay miracle or does have one they would be willing to part with?

You might try asking on the VEX IQ World wide Coaches Association | Facebook group, a forum of 2000+ mentors/coaches/teachers.

We have 4 gen 1 brains and we can sell them. I just don’t know what I should sell it for. Our team has 3 gen 2 brains right now and we really have no use for the gen 1 brains.

Thanks for replying to my message looking for parts. I would be extremely grateful if you are able to help by selling any parts that your group is no longer using. I am hoping to have formal funding next year but it would be awesome for students interested now and over summer, if I can put together some completed kits. If you can let me know how much you would like plus shipping, I can let you know if I can swing it.

Thank you!

Robert Johnson

@Sharky_do Just following up to see if you could help. Thanks!

Oh sorry for not responding, I spoke to my team and they said they won’t be able to sell the gen 1 brains. I am really sorry.

No worries! I appreciate you letting me know so I can continue my search. Thanks