Looking for Vex plugin (perhaps the Vex Companion App) and compatibility with older Matlab versions

Not sure if this is the ideal spot for this question, but we have an instructor who would like to work with Vex and Matlab and has asked us to install some Vex programs (VEXcode Blocks and Text and PROS software by Purdue Univ) and what he refers to as the ‘Vex plugin’. We’re thinking this is the Vex companion app.

Any idea if this works with a super old version of Matlab (in this case, 2010b)? Otherwise, I think we’ll need to request updated Matlab software should they wish to join the competition.


perhaps follow the link in this topic or contact Jose directly.


@straygatsby your teacher is probably referring to VEX hardware support package as the plugin.

It won’t work with R2010b and since access to the latest MATLAB version is free for all VEX teams I encourage you guys to try to upgrade. V5 hardware is not supported until R2018b and all V5 sensors are only available in the latest version R2019b.

Ask your teacher/mentor to fill in the form by clicking "request software’ here. We will send you a license within 3 days.

In general following the VEX guide will make sure you install both the VEX support package and VEX Companion App so you can get started the quickest.

Thanks for asking in the forum and if anybody has more urgent questions email our team anytime at:





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