Looking for VEX V5 material to teach

Hello VEX Forum,

I am an Army JROTC educator interested in teaching with the VEX V5 platform. I would like to know if there are any available presentation materials or resources specifically designed for this years Stryker Robot for the game Over Under.

If there are any presentation slides, lesson plans, or personal notes tailored for the VEX V5, I would greatly appreciate if you could share them with me. This will be my first year actually competing with other teams. I want to be able to keep my students on task and give them some direction.

I want to be better organized this year. I want to be able to break down the learning process and give my students goals and the tools needed to be successful this year.

Thank you,
SFC Wettrich

The vex starter kit as everything needed for every hero robot like Stryker.


When your students get comfortable with the basics, the next level of resource could be BLRS Wiki, which accumulates contributions from experienced competitors on all topics from the basic design principles to advanced topics like CAD and Odometry:


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