Looking for ways to improve my robot design (Spin Up)

I ramble a lot in my video but basically I hope that this video reaches people who could help me improve my design because I am new to CAD and I made a pretty scuffed design. I am open to criticism and feedback since I really do want to improve my design before school is over so that I can gather the necessary parts to take home during the summer.
Video link


that seems like a pretty legit design! though for the spinner wheel, you might want to play around with different wheels, and see which ones have the most grip. also it would be really convenient if you could slap an optical sensor next to the hood so that you could automate spinning the wheel. otherwise, that looks like a really solid bot!


It looks like you could be competive early season. You might want to considerhaving a way to easily adjust the flywheel angle (outside of matches) so you can tune it better; you might want to consider having a way to intake match load discs; you might want to consider an optical sensor pointing up or down at the roller, so you can spin rollers across the field better and to automate it. Looks like a good bot, though!


25:1 flywheel is way too fast with V5 motors. I do not think that flywheel can shoot more than one disk before throttling due to its severe low torque. 5:1 or 7:1 are the best gear ratios with a 600 RPM motor cartridge.

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The 600 RPM cartridge is the blue one? If so we don’t have that type.

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Pretty cool design overall!

  1. For your drive, definitely add a gear in between the two 84 tooth gears, or you can add sprockets on the shafts with 84 tooths and chain them together. This gives both wheels the power of two motors, instead of one motor on each wheel. Additionally, if one of your drive motors ever burn out or stop working, you’ll have the other motor to at least compensate a little, and both wheels on that side will still be able to turn.
  2. You want to avoid friction as much as possible in your drive, as well as in every subcomponent of your robot. You’re better off introducing a little slop into your system than you are with friction.
  3. I would add some funneling rails behind your intake to guide discs into your conveyer better. In a situation where a disc is intaked from the side of your bot, if it goes straight through, it might get caught in the gap between your drive and the conveyer. By adding some diagonal c-channel between the two, you can make a funnel that will help guide discs towards the middle of your intake.
  4. Your center of gravity seems like its a little high and offset towards the back. I would add some sort of weight in the front, maybe under your conveyer to bring it down. The higher your center of gravity, the more you’ll tip.

I’m not gonna comment on any of the strategies behind your mechanisms, but I wanted to just point out some build quality aspects that I felt could be slightly improved.


Here are some things I think you would want:

  1. A way to directly intake match load discs and shot without moving. Shooters should be optimized to shoot from this position.
  2. A blocker arm that can extend to the 24" vertical limit.
  3. Change to some type of drivetrain that can move sideways.

I feel like that would be kind of useless considering one would have to stand close to an opponent for it to effectively work.

We’ll see. My thought is that blocking will be an important part of game strategy, and robots will need to be able to move sideways to get free from blockers. The shooter itself will need to be mounted high up on the robot, like the @Yasir6869 model, to make blocking more difficult.

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I think since SG5 C. limits vertical expansion to a 2" diameter. you would need to be in a certain location to block. You would forfeit the ability to move around and collect disk

True. Playing defense usually has a cost. But a robot can do both, switching between offense and defense during the match as needed.

I i were you i would use an omni wheel for the spinner with an omni wheel it would be alot easier to adjust on the spinner but it might not have enough grip so just something to think about

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2 things which I have not seen many people talking about is look into using a ratchet gear on your flywheel to reduce stress on your motor, and also look at having a separate intake and indexer / pusher (have a intake lead to a hopper rather than directly to the flywheel). this robot would have a moderate cycle speed but having a hopper could possibly make it a bit faster letting you hold more discs (can just use a blue motor with a small prong and as it rotates it pushes the bottom disc in the hopper into the flywheel).
Sorry for rambling a bit.


Hey thats a good looking bot. What cad are you using? I use fusion but it is a pain in the ■■■ to use specifically for vex cadding

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He uses a designing software known as Protobot, which is specialized for VEX robotics.