Looking for wireless camera

Hey guys,

I’m new to the Vex robotics system. Just got a kit today and it’s safe to say that I’ve underestimated the size of the components :smiley:

I’m planning to build a remote-controlled robot using some parts from Vex. I need to place a wireless camera on the robot to provide a live video feed.

I was checking out this Vex camera: http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2211.html

It seems like a good option and the range meets my requirement. However, it’s a bit long in length (7.4cm).

So, I’m looking for a smaller one, with a good range (around 50 meters) and a good quality video feed. I will place it on a custom-built pan and tilt bracket.

Any good recommendations for a small wireless camera then, if you’ve worked on something similar to this before?

Thanks in advance!

GoPro offers an app to let control the camera (and see a live feed). It’s a lot smaller, but requires Wi-Fi connection. You can use your Android or iOS device. http://gopro.com/software-app/gopro-app

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The wifi option sounds good. But having a phone on the robot doesn’t seem aesthetically pleasing though, at least from my point of view.

I’ll try to look for a small camera with a good viewing angle and a high resolution too, possibly HD, that I can use with wifi.

The GoPro is the Camera, it Streams over WiFi to your Phone… Unless this is different than the ones I have seen…

Why would you have the phone on the robot? I suppose I’m asking what are you using the camera for?

Oh, I apologize if I didn’t make it clear. I will need a live video feed from the camera in order to navigate the robot inside a course and do several other tasks.

I think he meant the GoPro app itself that can be used with the iPhone and Android devices.

The GoPro camera is too expensive for me :smiley:

Is this for some kind of VEX competition?

It may be important to make sure the WiFi signal doesn’t interfere with VEXnet.

OK, I was thinking that you might’ve been trying to use it with the competition, which this would be illegal. That clears that up.

I don’t know if this is any cheaper, but it gives you same functionality (as GoPro).

Actually, I think GoPros are legal.

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No, it’s a school project that I’m currently working on.

I was referencing the phone, which I’d imagine would be. Sorry for the confusion. (It would fall under the non-Vex functional parts, as you would be using the display on your phone to guide the robot)

i think the ruling is small cameras are legal … also camera … i have one of these, it works and it comes with a battery clip for the camera, therefore you could put that on the robot, then use the receiver and either plug it into tv, or a computer (using cap card) …

i hope this helps …

Which camera is that?

yes thanks for asking I was wondering too. I have the Vex Camera and it works really well either powered by a motor port, or I have used the backup 9V battery as well.
Cheers Kb

How’s the video quality?

And how much is the range affected if there’s a wall between the transmitter and receiver of the camera?

The Quality is o.k. I’ll see if I can run some test and post a youtube. I haven’t used it much lately, but when I did I ran it around my house from room to room and I could always see the video if I had control with the Vexnet.

I had purchased an ARCHOS android based DVR station which allows me to view the video output on a small screen as well as record the video to a file.

I’ll see if I can get some samples posted this weekend.

Cheers Kb

That will be great!


Apologies for Jumping Into your conversation…

Do you have a link to the Model you purchased???

That would be very Cool… I am sure that the Rest of Us are looking for new Hardware… :wink:

The FEB-2013 Servo Magazine has an Article on Wireless Video on your Robot, and goes a step further with a Video Overlay for Information…

The Video Overlay is done with a Propeller Backpack board.