Looking for Working VEXplorer color cameras and receivers

We are working on a project that uses the VEX color cameras that was part of the old Revell VEXplorer kit. We need to find several more than the two we already have. Does anyone have any that are still in working order they are willing to part with?

Last time I checked, there were some on the VEX store. Maybe you should check there. Sadly, I don’t have any, nor did I ever have any.

In stock if you change ship from to Canada. You would just have to pay for shipping from Canada to the USA.

We still have one, maybe two, if we look hard enough. What did you need these for?

Need them for onboard cameras for the robots. Teams will need them to see what they are doing during a game we have planned. There are other cameras out there that can be used, but they are China made and untested.

I do. PM me.