Looking to Donate Vex V4 Parts to Bay Area Teams


We (Quarry Lane School’s Robotics team) no longer compete in Vex competitions and have many v4 electronics that are not in use. We are looking for a local (Bay Area) team or teams that would like these parts. The parts we are looking to donate are mostly electronics: cortexes, controllers, sensors, etc.

Please contact me via the forum if you are interested.


If not Bay Area, Just Cause in Canada takes in VEX parts to send to Uganda and other programs. Reach out to @Karthik for more info …


Hey there - Canadian Teacher here - not from the Bay Area - but if you haven’t found a home for your V4 Equipment, I would love to chat and see if you would be willing to entertain the idea of some of the gear coming here. I’ve come into a few older sets equipped with the old radio transmitters, so the VEXNet controllers could be a big help. I also have tons of spare parts but only three Cortex brains so some of the other electronics could be helpful too.

Shoot me a message back if you’re interested and haven’t found a taker.

All the best - and I hope you and yours are doing well.

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